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The Podcast

Welcome to the podcast archive

Episode 1: The beginning           

           D and I sit down for our first show!

Episode 2: Munchkin Fu Live Play 

           Our friends join us for an evening of Munchkin! (Part 1)

Episode 3: The Video Game Discussion

                           D and I are joined by our resident game guru Nick with a special guest from 
                           from across the pond!

Episode 4: Retro Comics

                           The new Mutants and X-force (1+2) Our first comic book episode!

Episode 5:  Harn Master - Role playing Game discussion

                          Friends of the show Uriel and Greg join me to discuss the Harn Role playing       game.

Episode 6: Ren and Stimpy + Happy Tree Friends 
          My buddy Craig joins me on the show again, this time we chat about animation. 

Episode 7: Dungeons and dragons

                         This episode Roy, Keith, Uriel and I discuss everything D&D. I also added a couple
                          animated series bonuses into the show for you!

Episode 8: Interview with comic artist Steve Kurth
                         Artist Steve Kurth joins us for a fun conversation about his work in the comics industry and
                         general geek chat.
Episode 9: Looney Tunes

                         Once again Craig joins me to discuss the history of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

Episode 10: Retro Comics 2 - Wolverine

          D and I go back to 1982 and take a look at Chris Claremont/Frank Millers 
                         Wolverine Mini series (4 issue)

Episode 11: Girls in Gaming

          On this episode we have our special guests, Tracy (Roys wife), Chris and 
                         his girl friend Kayleah join us to talk about their gaming experiences. 

Episode 12: Character Creation

                         D and I open up the 2nd edition AD&D players handbook to create a Mage and Bard.
                         We walk you through the creation process.

Episode 13: Movies

                         Roy and I discuss upcoming comic and scifi movies

Episode 14: Retro Comics 3 - Days of Futures Past

          D and I tryout a new format for our Retro Comics episode  and review 
                         Uncanny X-men # 141 & 142

Episode 15A: Live Game Play part 1

                          Almost live from RPGCON II, Marvel Super Heroes RPG

Episode 15b: Live Game Play - Part 2

                           Continuing live from RPGCON II, Marvel Super Heroes RPG

Episode 16: Retro Comics  4 - Excalibur

                            On this episode of Retro Comics, we take a look at Excalibur - The 
                            Sword is Drawn.

Episode 17: RPG CORNER - Palladium Books

                            A very lively discussion about the Palladium combat system!

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