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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doctor Who Miniature Games!

I wanted to share a couple of very cool websites with you guys. First up from the Doctor Who-verse

SECOND EMPIRE - This is a CG-Dalek webcomic

CROOKED DICE GAME DESIGN - A UK based game design company that does miniatures and games (they also have a mini that looks suspiciously like the 11th Doctor and Amy) =)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURE GAME - Awesome site with rules for the dr. who miniature game(2nd edition)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURES - This site sells some 28mm generic sci-fi figures(from Crooked Dice Designs) and a few of them might look familiar to you. sold

NOBLE KNIGHT GAMES - Doctor Who FASA edition 25mm/28mm (1986)

BLACK TREE DESIGNS - They have a ton of 28mm Doctor who minis ranging from the 1-8th doctors plus collectors sets.

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