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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doctor Who Miniature Games!

I wanted to share a couple of very cool websites with you guys. First up from the Doctor Who-verse

SECOND EMPIRE - This is a CG-Dalek webcomic

CROOKED DICE GAME DESIGN - A UK based game design company that does miniatures and games (they also have a mini that looks suspiciously like the 11th Doctor and Amy) =)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURE GAME - Awesome site with rules for the dr. who miniature game(2nd edition)

DOCTOR WHO MINIATURES - This site sells some 28mm generic sci-fi figures(from Crooked Dice Designs) and a few of them might look familiar to you. sold

NOBLE KNIGHT GAMES - Doctor Who FASA edition 25mm/28mm (1986)

BLACK TREE DESIGNS - They have a ton of 28mm Doctor who minis ranging from the 1-8th doctors plus collectors sets.

New Tower Construction Project - Part 1

Now that fall has come again, I got the bug to build something. This time around I decided it was time to finally build a wizards tower, but im also going to add a model terrain. I'm going over a few ideas for the terrain but I haven't settled on anything as of yet. As for the tower, here is the initial pics:

The Tower is a 4" in Diameter by 12" tall cardboard tube. (A white robed wizards guards his tower.)

As you can see the upper portion of the tower, which is 4" in Diameter by 2.5" tall, Is a bit rough on the top surface. I'm leaving this to give it a weathered appearance, the columns are made of .25" dowels.

After deciding to not have a conical style roof, I removed the center of the top surface, giving it more of a greek architectural feel. (Our wizard inspects the new construction)

This is the platform I plan on using, but it might be too small for the terrain im thinking of doing. The walls where just something i was messing around with, but I dont plan on using any. (that pesky cleric really want into the tower)

Next up I cut out three pieces of wood to be used for the stairs leading up to the main entrance of the tower.

Cutting two of the pieces at an angle I created the exterior stairs. (Our unfriendly dark cleric is inspecting the stairs. He seems pleased)

Thats it for part one, I hope you enjoyed my initial construction details, stay tuned for more.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Batman #16 The Joker Revealed!

I love this cover so much I had to share it! What do you guys think? "Death in the Family"  is happening now! Go check it out at your local comic shop!

TMNT + LEGOS = Heaven!!

Lego announces new LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets! a series of vehicles and scenes building sets. The first set being shown off is – The Shellraiser Street Chase – complete with pizza delivery truck. These should be in stores January 2013!!

Del Rey - new Star Wars titles announced

 Del Rey Star Wars announcement from the New York Comic Con: (Via Facebook)

- New Han Solo novel written by James S. A. Correy. Part of the new "Rebels" series of stand alone novels       set in the Classic era.
- New KENOBI (tentative title) novel by John Jackson Miller. Novel is set after the events of Episode III. Promotional artwork seen here by Chris Scalf.

I love all of the upcoming Star Wars novels from Del Rey, it will be nice to have a larger variaty of titles to choose from. 

Comixology - DC #1 Issues Sale

I'm sure that those of you who have a comixology account already know about the huge DC sale, but for those of you that don't, head over to comixology and check out these Digital comics. As far as I am concerned .99 is the best price point for Digital comics and if you know of a DC book you wish you had tried out, now it the perfect time. Check it out:


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Con 2012 - Acquisitions

I picked up Usagi Yojimbo #2 and #3 VF - NM

$2.00 each

Ironman #170 and #188 NM

$2.00 each

Iron man: Iron Monger Premier Classic HC


Camelot 3000 tpb


Fall Con - 2012

Well I went to FallCon yesterday and had a pretty good time. It wasn't as busy as I had expected it to be, which made for a much better experience over all. I was a bit disappointed that Patrick Gleason and Doug Manke hadn't made an appearance before I left at 2 pm. But they are usually here for SpringCon every year so getting a chance to meet them isn't a problem. Other guest creators that I want to mention are Daniel J.Olson and a comic called Night of the Smurfing Dead! Also a web Comic called Fun Factory now in print!

Fun Factory

"Fun Factory is about 10 year old Billy Calrissian, who has  won a contest to become the new CEO of Funtastic’s Fun Factory Inc.  FFF Inc was founded by Mr. Funtastic, the former CEO.  The contest was created by the board after the company facing numerous problems from the Department of Justice for their very unethical business practices.  The board figured there was no way the DOJ would go after a ten year old child; they’d look like monsters.
Since assuming responsibility as CEO, Billy has to contend with the illegal immigrant workers, former CEO Mr. Funtastic, the CFO Sol Funtastolichivinovski (brother of Mr. Funtastic who Americanized the name for the company), Billy’s grandmother Buella, as well as sentient toys and all sorts of other adventures.
Fun Factory updates Tuesday – Friday.  It is highly offensive humor meant for more mature (or immature?) audiences.  If you are easily offended, this is not the comic for you.  Perhaps you’d rather go buy a newspaper and see what Marmaduke is up to?" - from the creators

As I was wondering around the convention I was flagged down by a very enthusiastic young man telling me what my back pack needed to improve itself! "Why a copy of the greatest book ever!" he boasted. I of coarse was intrigued by the brash statement, so I stopped and listened to what he was pitching. As it turns out the book in question is Vol. 1 of Fun Factory, collecting seven stories from their web Comic. I met Clemens(the writer), Sarah(the Colorist) and Patrick(the Creator/Penciller). After paging through the book I found a panel:

I decided I had to read more, so I bought it! I'm not very far into the book yet but it has been a fun read so far. The book is put together very nicely, with a cool glossy cover filled with a lot of the characters from the series. Check out their site; go to FunFactorycomic and read more about it..

Daniel J. Olson

A local indie comic creator here in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the man behind such titles as Super Maxi-Pad Girl  and Bret Blackberg; which is his ongoing 24 hr comic. So far he has finished 9 chapters of a 50 state tour.

"Bret Blackberg is a nobody living in a trailer somewhere in Montana that is until his life is turned upside down by a small man named Hit Hat. Bret is destined for a quest to save the princess of Montana from a mysterious brewmaster, but just who is this Bret Bronzeman fellow?"

Read chapter one over at Dans web site HERE