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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Robotech Update from Palladium Books

From Kevin Siembieda - UPDATE: Robotech®

I had an excellent telephone conversation with Irvin Jackson about upcoming Robotech® sourcebooks. Robotech® Genesis Pits™ will go into final production after Rifts® Vampires Sourcebook, and Irvin is working away on two new books right now, including the Robotech® UEEF Marines sourcebook. My goal is to support Robotech® in a big a way. In addition to our plans to produce Robotech® game pieces for the mecha and spaceships, we want to see more sourcebooks. Robotech® Genesis Pits™ Sourcebook will be out this Fall (see the new description for it in this Weekly Update). I want to see at least two other sourcebooks out before spring and more to follow. In fact, I’m looking to find a couple more writers for the line.

I cant wait for the Robotech game pieces! Check out all the Robotech RPG products over at Palladium's site. Also for anyone who wants PDF versions of palladium's other lines of RPG's head over to RPGNOW

Robotech® Genesis Pits™ Sourcebook

An in-depth look at the Invid Genesis Pits, their purpose, function and the creatures they create.
·             Secrets of the Invid.
·             Notable Genesis Pits of Earth.
·            Genesis Pit mutations and monsters.
·            Different types of Genesis Pits from across the galaxy.
·            Inorganics and other war machines of the Invid Regent.
·           Ways to destroy a Genesis Pit.
·           Genesis Pit Monster creation tables and rules.
·           Bioroid and Zentraedi mutants, Simulagents and more.
·          Written by Irvin Jackson. 8½ x 11 size book format. Available only in the USA and Canada.
·                                 $16.95 – 96 pages. Cat. No. 555 – October release.

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