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Sunday, September 23, 2012

RPG related Kick starter projects!

So I decided to go through the kick starter web site today just to see what else was out there for us crazy gamers, here is what I found:

Savage Outfitter: A digital platform for the Savage Worlds RPG, it can be used on your smart phone or web browser.

Judge Dredd Miniatures game: Block wars - Mongoose publishing is expanding their Dredd supplement and 28mm miniature line. ( as mention in yesterdays post)

Tentacles and Eyeballs- An RPG horror Miniature Set: Brought to you by Dark Platypus Studios, this kick starter is for a set of .. well tentacle monsters and "Beholders" (note: dont want to get in trouble with wizards of the coast, but thats what they are) These are really cool.

Eternity Dice: There are 3 different dice types, d6, fudge and dungeon all hand crafted out of LAVA rock!

Quarantine Z - A zombie survival card game: The title is self explanatory but you can go to their web site and download a printable version of the game to try it out. They also have all the rules on how to play, go check it out! 

City of Iron: a board game in which 2 - 4 players compete to build up the most powerful nation in a world of magic and machines.

Dungeonlands: Tomb of the Lich Queen: A role playing game setting for both Savage Worlds and Pathfinder rules. This looks very cool! I plan on backing this one!

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