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Friday, February 22, 2013

Status of the podcast - Good to go!

Hi everyone, just wanted to send out a status update on the show. Things are looking good, we have 4 episodes recorded waiting for me to edit. "Women in gaming" is scheduled for next weekend, I know a few people have been waiting for me to finally post this one( im working on it). Also we have two episodes dedicated to character creation; AD&D and A song of fire and ice, I will most likely release one of these in March and one in April. In addition to those I have a Retro Comics episode that I am editing now and I will have it posted by Sunday night.

Here is the plan for our monthly release schedule:
Animation 101 - A look at a specific animated series
Retro Comics - D and I go back in time and talk about a random comic story line
Role playing Games - This episode will be dedicated to all thing RPG
Misc. episode - Interviews, tech, movies, tv discussions
The plan is to still have a 2 week release schedule but dont be surprised if I throw an extra show in if I have time to set one up.

Animation 101 and Retro comics:
These two will be our monthly dedicated episodes, so the plan will be to release a new show for each every month. If time permits we will be adding the RPG episodes as well.

I want to thank everyone who has been listening to the podcast for being patient. We are new to the podcasting world and I believe we have finally found a format that works on a regular basis. We are working on streamlining the show to get more of a consistent format. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free too contact us. All feedback is appreciated.

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