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Thursday, September 22, 2011

More of the new 52

Alright next up I have a couple books I picked up on Wednesday from DC comics -

Red Hood #1 - First off the art is amazing, Kenneth Rocafort lays down some beautiful pencils in this book. The story is kind of lame, plus they make star fire a ditzy alien whore who sleeps with everyone in the book.... way to wreck a once cool character DC. This is a major disappointment for me.

Wonder Woman #1 - I enjoyed this book, fast paced with what can be a great story. The art is nice but I think I need to see it in a few more issues before i can say I really like it. On a big bright note, wonder woman has no pants! I say pick it up, this book is cool.

Legion of Super Heroes #1 - I really like this book and that kind of bugs me. Thats because it continues from the end of the previous series. I know, I know DC did say some of the books wouldn't be changing with the relaunch, but I figured it would be a bit different. I dont know, lol who cares! Paul Levitz Knows the Legion and writes a Damn good book. Buy it!

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