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Friday, January 20, 2012

DC comics new Logo

So I finally heard about the new DC Entertainment Logo and I have to say I'm not real impressed. They look kind plain and boring. From what I understand DC filed a lawsuit against a shoe company saying their logo looked to much like DC comics logo. As it turns out DC never filed a patent on their image and the shoe company filed a counter suit and won. So DC has been paying them to use the current logo.
Here is the press release from DC on the identity change:

I do kind of like these versions but part of me wants them to go back to the old target style logo. What do you guys think of the new logo? let me know leave a comment!

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Christine Mitzuk said...

Hmm. This one seems very flexible in terms of tailoring it for their various characters. I kind of like the idea of the C being revealed. It's a bit like a superhero's secret identity. It also looks more like the art style that seems prevalent these days.